1:4 – Monday – Pre-Algebra

1:4 – Monday – Pre-Algebra


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Instructor: Luke Miller

Semester Pricing: $280, All Charters Accepted

Mondays 9:15-10:15

Grades: 7th-9th Grade

Middle School Math – Pre Algebra

Class Description

This is a full year preparatory course designed to equip students with the skills required to proceed into high school algebra. Students coming out of this course will be well prepared for Algebra 1. Concepts covered: equations, properties (of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), decimals, integers, multiples, factors, fractions, complex equations and inequalities, ratio, proportion, percentages, and introductory geometry with graphing. The emphasis throughout the course is on defining and solving equations. This will require the application of all the mathematical concepts introduced. 

Students will learn concepts in class, and are expected to complete daily assignments at home. Teacher’s edition is required. Daily homework is to be corrected by the parent. (if expressly permitted by the parent, the student may correct their own work using the teachers manual). Tests will be sent home to be administered by a parent and brought back to the next class session. 


Required Textbooks/Workbooks:

1) Saxon 8/7 for homeschool Student text and test book required

 A note on progression: The course is designed for 8th grade, but is open to other grades depending on the individual need of the student. If your student does well but does not excel (80% average) in math concepts like multiplication, division, or fractions, then Pre-Algebra is the right course. The expectation I have for advanced students is for them to take Algebra I in 8th grade, which would mean Pre-Algebra in 7th. This works for some, but can be a GRAVE mistake for many others! Algebra is so fundamental to all other math, it can be a risk to enroll a student too early in pre-algebra. Mathematical concepts build progressively, and strong foundations are the key to future success. Enrolling an underprepared student in pre-algebra may begin an undesired cycle of frustration and mediocrity. If a student is not ready for Pre-Algebra, then at the end of the year they will be left with a shaky foundation as they enter into Algebra 1. This would in turn leave them underprepared for Algebra 1, and the cycle continues (it may persist even up through college). As a result, this class is also available to High School students who require or desire additional work on the basics.

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Grade Level

7th-9th Grade


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