5:3 – Thursday – FIAR – Five In A Row

5:3 – Thursday – FIAR – Five In A Row


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Five in a Row!

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Instructor: Kristi Batman

Semester Pricing: $250 per semester

($300 for Innovations, iLead, Compass and Golden Valley) All Charters Accepted

Thursdays 9:15-10:15

Grades: 4-8 Years Old


I’m happy to be teaching this FIAR Class at PathFinders Homeschool location in Glendora!
I’m excited about guiding your child this spring through a variety of fun subjects as we read and discover the wonderful world of literature!  Books are exciting, and this class is a wonderful way to introduce your child to these amazing titles!  My goal is to make this class an experience they will not forget as it will be a fun and safe place for them to learn through lots of smiles, messy art, and movement!

BOOK LIST & SCHEDULE:  You  may have the opportunity to read the book everyday for that week with your child. I will be able to introduce the book on Monday, then you may read it to them throughout the week if you prefer. Through repetition, they are learning so much and catching things they hadn’t noticed the first few readings. I will be focusing on the areas of art, music, movement, activities, and games. My goal will be to read the book, sing a song, move for fun, explore the book through crafts, and if time allows play a game. In addition, I may take the class outside for an activity or game as it’s my desire to provide an interactive class full of movement, giggles, and fun!  Please bring a jacket for your child on cooler days. What we complete in the class will depend upon how it flows. You may explore areas we aren’t able to cover at home during the week. Also, Mary Anne provides an amazing science class during the 4th Period on Mondays. Check it out if you would like to compliment this class with science experiments!

Pre-K – 1st Grade:  I am requesting that a parent of Pre-K  through 1st Grade remain in the class to assist your child with the projects and make sure they are acclimating well. If after a few weeks they are able to complete the crafts and follow basic instructions, then parents can drop them off if they prefer. Parents are welcome to stay in the class; however, I do ask that the focus remain on the class. I ask that parents refrain from talking, using their phones, etc..

WHAT TO WEAR: I recommend you have your children wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint, markers, colors, water, or just about anything on. Feel free to bring an apron if you prefer to have them wear one.



Resource Notation: Books are not required for the class; however, reading them each day of the week they are covered is a good way to reinforce learning and knowledge. Books may be purchased on Rainbow Resources, Thrift Books, Amazon and other book sites.  In order to avoid repeating books from last year, the books are from different FIAR Volumes. Most of the books covered this year are from Volume 1 and Volume 3; however some may be from other volumes. 

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change in case certain supplies needed are not available. 



  • Regular Pencils & Erasers 
  • Crayons 
  • Colored Pencils 
  • Markers 
  • Scissors  
  • Glue or Glue Stick  
  • Apron or clothes that can get dirty or stained.

*Please label your personal supplies, as they may get mixed up in the room. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email and/or text.

Excited to embark on this journey with you and your child!
Kristin Batman /  626-375-7701 / kristin.batman@gmail.com

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4-8 Years Old

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