5:4 – Thursday – Life & Study Skills

5:4 – Thursday – Life & Study Skills


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Life & Study Skills

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Instructor: Lani Kim

Semester Pricing: $280 All Charters Accepted

Thursdays 9:15-10:15

Grades: 6th-12th Grade

Life & Study Skills

Students will learn, practice and grow study & life skills. Students will measure their own growth within the context of study & life skills to promote age appropriate independence. Case studies as well as student’s personal lives will be used to apply the different skills. Students will learn how to assess themselves to understand how they each take action; how to create an environment which helps them to successfully work towards their goals. Students will also learn their individual weaknesses (saboteurs) and strengths. They will learn and practice how to work through their weaknesses. For example, how does the procrastinator learn skills that support incremental progress rather than the last minute frantic rush to finish a project? What does it mean to be independent, yet to respect and obey parents?

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6th-12th Grade

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