Project Description

Alison has completed a full range of courses in child development and elementary education at San Diego State University and the College of Southern Nevada. Since 2014, she has had the honor of serving in various educational capacities including classroom teaching, leading recreational activities for children, and offering support to students with special needs. Currently, she shares her expertise by tutoring students K-12 in language arts and mathematics.
As a devoted homeschooling mother to her own three children, who also thrive in Pathfinder classes, Alison finds immense joy in the simple act of guiding children along their educational paths.
Music holds a special place in Alison’s heart, reflecting her strong musical roots cultivated from a young age. She began playing clarinet in early elementary school and continued through high school graduation, including leadership roles in marching band and concert competitions. Her talents have been shared on diverse stages, including concerts at amusement parks and aboard a cruise ship! Briefly, she played trombone in a jazz band and has explored the saxophone, cello, flute, violin, ukulele, piano, and beyond. Sharing her passion for music appreciation and understanding with others brings Alison immeasurable happiness, illuminating hearts and minds with the transformative power of melody and rhythm.
Beyond academics, Alison finds joy in crafting and sharing the wonders of imagination. She has experimented with painting, fabrics, metal cutting, vinyl printing, beadwork, decoupage, wool and more. Her entrepreneurial spirit even led her to establish a hairbow business, driven by her desire to create adorable accessories for her then young daughter. She feels creating isn’t just about the end result; it’s about the journey of discovery and self-expression that art offers to all who dare to embark on it.
Excited and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Pathfinder community and sow the seeds of curiosity and lifelong learning, Alison is enthusiastic to be part of the teaching staff.