F. Lani Kim

Lifeschooling is Lani’s passion. She loves to share her nerdy love of science and life skills with her children and anyone else who will listen to her. Her biology, psychology, education & consulting background inspired her to create the Life [...]


G. James Duran

Mr. James Duran graduated from California State University Los Angeles with a B.A. in Music - and he was homeschooled for K-12th. He now teaches a wide variety of instruments, such as guitar, voice, piano, violin, ukulele, percussion, and saxophone. [...]


I. Ani Janbazian

Ani Janbazian, earned a BA in Arts Management from the University of Toronto. As an Educational Exhibit Designer and Educational Interpreter for children's museum programs, she was trained to relay complex scientific concepts and historical facts to students using approachable [...]