8:4 Build a Biz: Pizzeria (Fall)

8:4 Build a Biz: Pizzeria (Fall)


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Build a business!

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Instructor: Ani Janbazian (We Spark Learning)

Semester Pricing: $280 per semester

($320 for Innovations, iLead, Compass, Gorman and SCALE) All Charters Accepted

Thursdays 1:15-2:15

Grades: 3rd-8th Grade


Class Description:

As a classroom entrepreneur, you will plan and create your own pizzeria and take care of daily operations, learning loads of practical concepts related to your new venture along the way. What will the week’s assignment be: Designing and naming your restaurant? Calculating profits? Scripting a commercial? Conducting an employee job interview?


In the exciting world of business, there is so much you can learn:

Writing a Simple Business Plan

Basic Economics

Money Matters

Problem Solving


Customer Service




You will dream up pizza specials to test the market as you look for successful dishes to grow your permanent menu. Will your new recipe be a hit? Find out the following week, through a Consumer Report showing customer sales and reviews.  We will track the collective profits of all class Pizzerias to earn real prizes throughout the semester.

We will finish our year with a real-life Pizza Party to celebrate how well you Build-a-Biz!



There will be no class on Oct. 20th due to the instructor’s prior commitments.

Purchase Order Instructions for Charter Families:

Vendor: We Spark Learning

(If with Gorman, Compass, Innovations Academy, or SCALE, use Vendor “Homeschool Coaches”)

Payments: Kindly request 4 equal monthly payments beginning Sept. 2022

Instructor: Ani Janbazian

Duration: One hour weekly, 13 week semester.


Private Payment Instruction:

Kindly use the QR code to head to omella.com/o9g6r to make your out-of-pocket payment.

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Grade Level

3rd-8th Grade




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