6:4 – Thursday – Medieval Town Journaling

6:4 – Thursday – Medieval Town Journaling


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Instructor: Ani Janbazian (We Spark Learning)

Semester Pricing: $296 per semester
 (All Charters Accepted – $344 for Innovations, Compass, and Gorman)

Thursdays 10:30-11:30

Grades: 3rd-5th

Students become “neighbors” in a delightful Medieval Town they help create, where they will experience many events throughout the year including historic celebrations, festivals, traditional crafting, medieval games and crazy mishaps!  As each town event affects the residents, it will serve as the journal prompt for a creative writing assignment for the week.


“Swarms of bees overtook the town, and I…”

“The highlight of the festival was one daring performer who…”

“The wagon unhitched sending us barreling into the…”


Town residents will start by deciding what to name their town and decorating their own home and property. Each student will choose a historic job that will produce weekly earnings in this medieval economy. They can use their income to save and upgrade their home, or buy and barter for additions to the property from the marketplace.  Each student will get a chance to be crowned “Royal of the Day” , and town residents will talk about and compare stories about the events of the week.  Some drawing, crafts, prize games, and other creative expressions will also be incorporated throughout the year to fit our Medieval theme.


While the class will have some mini lessons on writing techniques, literary devices, figurative language, and poetry, our focus in this class is not on the formal fundamentals of writing.  The main goal of this class is to motivate students to put pen to paper to write with enthusiasm and express their ideas in written form – with Medieval history inspiration!


Writing is done during class time, and journal expectations can be varied to adapt to different learning levels and abilities. While there is no weekly homework, unfinished writing may occasionally be taken home to complete or polish up.


Kindly secure your enrollment by requesting P.O.’s as soon as permissible in the summer.

Vendor: We Spark Learning

(If with Gorman, Compass, or Innovations Academy, use Vendor “Homeschool Coaches”)

Payments: $296 in full for Semester 1. Or if they prefer monthly, kindly request 4 equal payments

($344 for Innovations, Compass, and Gorman)

Instructor: Ani Janbazian

Duration: One hour weekly, 14 week semester




Kindly head to https://omella.com/lhlvs to make your out-of-pocket payment. Payment plans available through the payment platform.

ABOUT PAYMENTS: Although you enroll for one semester at a time to make payment easier, please plan for a full year (Sept-May) of class. Semester 2 payment will be requested and due following winter break.

COST PER SEMESTER : $296. ($344 for Innovations, Compass, and Gorman Charters)

MATERIALS: Upon registration, your teacher’s welcome email will include a simple materials list of some basic school supplies that will be needed for class.

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3rd, 4th, 5th


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