5:4 – Thursday – Kid’s Vids & Legacies

5:4 – Thursday – Kid’s Vids & Legacies


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Instructor: Ani Janbazian (We Spark Learning)

Semester Pricing: $296 per semester
 (All Charters Accepted – $344 for Innovations, Compass, and Gorman)

Thursdays 9:15-10:15

Grades: 3rd-5th

What made Mozart a musical prodigy?

How did Marie Curie’s development of X-ray’s change medicine forever?

How many lives were saved because of Harriet Tubman’s commitment to the Underground Railroad?

Why is Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa one of the most famous painting of all time?

How did the success of the Wright Brothers impact transportation and modern air travel?


Journey through the life and legacies of some of the most notable people in history, with video episode-inspired discussion and hands-on explorations.  Meet the scientists and inventors who changed how we live through their innovation, technology and contributions to medicine.  Wonder at the creative genius of some of the worlds most talented musicians, artists and writers. Learn about formidable leaders and patriots that fought for their people, their freedom or a new way of thinking.  Follow the adventures of explorers who charted the earth, and made history with their discoveries.


Inspired by video cartoon biography series’ World Ahoy , Now You Know About , and Sung History and more,  classes will include:

  • one or two educational cartoon biographies
  • video comprehension guide & discussion
  • weekly hands-on creative activities


Notable people will include*

Leonardo Da Vinci, Magellan, Marie Curie, Vincent Van Gogh, Mahatma Gandhi, Dimitri Mendeleev, William Shakespeare, Susan B. Anthony, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison/Nikola Tesla, George Washington Carver, Marco Polo, Caravaggio, Harriet Tubman,  Alexander Fleming, Zheng He, Amadeus Mozart,  Claude Monet, Ada Lovelace, Alexander the Great, Louis Pasteur, Wright Brothers, Isaac Newton, Cleopatra, Vasco da Gama, Galileo Galilei

*may be subject to change if related video series no longer available for viewing.


We aim to complete our work during class time and therefore this class does not have weekly homework. There will be one special take-home project/presentation in the second semester.



Kindly secure your enrollment by requesting P.O.’s as soon as permissible in the summer.

Vendor: We Spark Learning

(If with Gorman, Compass, or Innovations Academy, use Vendor “Homeschool Coaches”)

Payments: $296 in full for Semester 1. Or if they prefer monthly, kindly request 4 equal payments

($344 for Innovations, Compass, and Gorman)

Instructor: Ani Janbazian

Duration: One hour weekly, 14 week semester




Kindly head to https://omella.com/lhlvs to make your out-of-pocket payment. Payment plans available through the payment platform.

ABOUT PAYMENTS: Although you enroll for one semester at a time to make payment easier, please plan for a full year (Sept-May) of class. Semester 2 payment will be requested and due following winter break.

COST PER SEMESTER : $296. ($344 for Innovations, Compass, and Gorman Charters)

MATERIALS: Upon registration, your teacher’s welcome email will include a simple materials list of some basic school supplies that will be needed for class.

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Grade Level

6th, 7th, 8th




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