7:4 – Thursday – Treasure Hunters

7:4 – Thursday – Treasure Hunters


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Out of stock


Instructor: Ani Janbazian (We Spark Learning)

Semester Pricing: $296 per semester
 (All Charters Accepted – $344 for Innovations, Compass, and Gorman)

Thursdays 12:00-1:00

Grades: 6th-8th

Join a classroom expedition to discover lost cities, buried riches, world antiquities, sunken fortunes, valuable art, and precious collectibles. Using fascinating film footage and first-hand accounts, you’ll dive into history and culture to uncover treasures from around the globe.


You’ll explore the long-lost gold and jewel mines, vintage heirlooms, the spoils of war, religious icons, forgotten manuscripts, Jurassic fossils, and hidden Hollywood mysteries through the thrill seeking, true history DVD series narrated by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) “The Hunt for Amazing Treasures”.


Each week, you’ll uncover the hidden item of the week, watch how it was recovered, record your findings in Adventurer’s Logbook, chart it on a map, then embark on your own classroom quest, treasure hunting to seek out a prize chest of delights!


This class captures the imagination  and engages students across multiple subjects combining history, cultural studies, geography and…curiosity!


Our discoveries will include the following in addition to a deeper dive into related topics:


Sunken Riches

The Maravillas and Atocha Galleon Ships

The 1715 Fleet

Titanic’s Deck Chair

Steamship Arabia


Heros and Masters

Beethoven’s Lost Manuscript

George Washingtons Pages

Charles Lindburg Trunk

Hidden Heade Paintings


Hollywood Collectibles

The Stolen Oscar,

Oz Costume Caper

The Maltese Falcon Statue

Frankensteins Film Poster


Minerals and Mining

Emerald City

Gem Mountain

Mars Meteorite


Buried Treasure

Dinosaur Digs

Karst Caves

Roman Coin Hoards

Lost City of Ubar


And more!


We aim to complete our work during class time and therefore this class does not have weekly homework.



Kindly secure your enrollment by requesting P.O.’s as soon as permissible in the summer.

Vendor: We Spark Learning

(If with Gorman, Compass, or Innovations Academy, use Vendor “Homeschool Coaches”)

Payments: $296 in full for Semester 1. Or if they prefer monthly, kindly request 4 equal payments

($344 for Innovations, Compass, and Gorman)

Instructor: Ani Janbazian

Duration: One hour weekly, 14 week semester


Kindly head to https://omella.com/lhlvs to make your out-of-pocket payment. Payment plans available through the payment platform.

ABOUT PAYMENTS: Although you enroll for one semester at a time to make payment easier, please plan for a full year (Sept-May) of class. Semester 2 payment will be requested and due following winter break.

COST PER SEMESTER : $296. ($344 for Innovations, Compass, and Gorman Charters)

MATERIALS: Upon registration, your teacher’s welcome email will include a simple materials list of some basic school supplies that will be needed for class.

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Grade Level

6th, 7th, 8th


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