2:3 – Monday – Skills Based Math

2:3 – Monday – Skills Based Math


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Instructor: Alison Varvi

Semester Pricing: $280 self pay ($330 Charter pay through Homeschool Coaches)

Mondays 10:30-11:30

Grades: 3rd-4th Grade

Get ready to unleash your inner math whiz through the magic of fun and play! In this math-tastic adventure, we’ll embark on thrilling adventures inside intriguing story problems, exciting class challenges, fraction crafts and geometric art. Games and manipulatives will be our trusty companions as we dive into mastering essential skills like multiplication, division, and large numbers addition and subtraction. We’ll conquer fractions, explore the mysteries of geometry, journey through the realms of measurement and decimals, and unlock the secrets of problem-solving and data analysis.

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Grade Level

3rd, 4th


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