4:6 – Monday – Spanish

4:6 – Monday – Spanish


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Instructor: Andrea Kaufmann
Semester Pricing: $300 per semester for self-pay, Blue Ridge, Sky Mountain, and Granite Mountain.
($350 for any other charter, using Homeschool Coaches)
Monday 1:15-2:15
Grades: 6-8th
Hola! Is your child interested in learning a second language? Speaking a second language is such a gift. It stimulates the mind and has shown to improve memory, problem-solving and even higher cognitive skills. In this class, young students will learn using Total Physical Response (TPR) techniques in which students will respond to commands given in Spanish. For example “Pick up your pencil” would be said in Spanish and the student would respond. I also use TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling). This method uses storytelling as a teaching tool. As a class, we will co-create stories in Spanish to facilitate language acquisition. We cover culture and a few countries throughout the year. We will also create “Passports” as we learn about several of the 21 Spanish speaking countries.
Other topics covered: letter sounds, days of the week, months, seasons, date, and weather.2024/2025  TOPICS:
Semester 1:

Culture Introduction: El coquí y Puerto Rico – The coquí and Puerto Rico. (Coquí is a type of frog). Grammar Lessons: Ser and Estar (to be)
TPRS Story – lasts 6-8 weeks and then we act it out in class
Communication Strategy: Getting meaning from context and finally
Partner time – discussing El coquí poem.Semester 2: Culture Introduction: La siesta (Nap)
Grammar Lessons: Present tense of regular -er  and -ir verbs
TPRS Story – lasts 6-8 weeks
Communication Strategy: Using circumlocution (the use of many words where fewer would do)
Partner time – read and translate La Siesta story.

**There will be an additional $15 for the Sonrisas student portfolio/ workbook (NOT included on PO).These are purchased in bulk so the price is significantly reduced. If your child has taken my class the previous year, then you will Not need to purchase a new book.

We will be using the same book but covering new lessons. I will also be providing a journal/cuaderno for note taking.
Materials required:
backpack, pencil with eraser, colored pencils and glue stick.


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Grade Level

6th, 7th, 8th


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